Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Day, Another Block...

Sunday...lovely weather, to be sure! It won't be much longer and I'll be taking the pieces that are going to have to be done by hand with me so that I can work on the quilt while we're camping! I can't wait for camping season!! We have a nice little camper...they call it a "hybrid" because while it's a "hardside", it has tent type fold outs that make the beds. It's got a little double sink, stovetop and oven, fridge, and most important, it has a potty with a shower! :) We take the camp ovens and cook with them...I wonder if Mrs. Stickle used a dutchoven? You'll have to meander over to my other blog ( You can see pics there of the camper, and of some of the places we've camped. I'm looking forward to our dinner party at the lake this year...will have to get the menu planned!

I wonder if Mrs. Stickle smiled slyly to herself as she stitched her quilt? Did they have competitions "back then"? I know that I myself have won blue ribbons at the county fair simply because I was going to PROVE that my needlework was better than Mrs. So and So's... I have to wonder about Mrs. Stickle and her motives for doing such tiny almost HAD to be to prove a point, I think! I don't know to who, or what it might have accomplished, but she did a fine job of proving it! :)

Today's block is I9 on the chart that I hope to have up soon. I put the penny in the photo so that you could tell just how small these pieces are! Thank God for paper piecing so that I'm not having to try to handle a 3/4 inch piece of fabric and sewing it!


  1. Your block looks terrific!!! Your blog is also great. I love seeing all your work, here, and on the!

  2. I love your block, it's gorgeous!