Saturday, January 30, 2010

K-9 Revisited

Well...I'll share with you that it's a good thing that I remade this block! It seems, that in my inexperienced way with paper piecing, I either trimmed too short, or I didn't allow enough seam allowance to begin with...but as I started to take the triangles off of the corners of the old block, it fell apart. Yep. At the seams. That wonderful Moda fabric that I love so much...frays like there's no tomorrow!

I can only imagine how I'd have felt after this quilt was put together to find that out! So...mental note...NO 1/8 inch seams...make sure they're all a 1/4!

Hannah and I are having some issues. She needs a new needle, and the Schmetz that I have don't fit her. The needle that she has is way smaller than the newer needles. I'll have to research a bit and find out what to buy for her. There's also an issue with making her sew in a forward motion. I'm positive that's my fault and not hers...but I was actually pleading with her to PLEASE straighten up and sew right! Good thing she's forgiving...I'd probably have a needle hole in my fingernail if she wasn't! I hope I didn't hurt her feelings too badly with the name or two that I uttered when she didn't automatically do things the way I thought they should be done... ;)

I feel a bit more confident now that this block is done, even with it's imperfections. I at first thought I was going to have to remake it, since I couldn't get the corners to line up. And then I thought, if I follow through, and make a quilt with over 5000 pieces of fabric, WHO is going to notice that this block in particular has a few "junction" issues? Well... *I* will, and William will...just because that's the kind of guy he is...but I seriously doubt that too many will even care! I've already decided that if anyone DOES look at K-9 and says something to the effect of, "Oh LOOK!! Not all the corners match!!! How SHAMEFUL!!" then I'll simply fold the quilt up and put it some dark corner of the closet.

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