Friday, March 19, 2010


What ever made me think I could tackle this quilt with absolutely no problems is beyond me!! I think I've ripped more seams than anyone that has ever quilted before! I've worn out paper, restitching seams (paper pieced). And I've avoided working on the quilt like the plague!

In fairness, I've had another project or two that I've worked on...and I'm trying to make bed quilts for each of my children and stepchildren...hopefully to be done by Christmas. I've done a couple of Downy Quilts for Kids. All in avoidance of this reproduction Jane Stickle quilt!

Today I'm working on it. I WILL get a block posted today! If I'm lucky and the next block is less difficult for me to make, I might even post two!

Ok...I'm heading for Hannah...wish me luck!