Friday, February 5, 2010


My journey is at a temporary standstill...altho I suppose I could be working on some of the blocks that have to be done by hand...
Still no needles for Hannah! :( It seems, that out of all of the machines I could have chosen to purchase, THIS one takes a different that is obsolete!

So...if anyone has connections, or a local "OSMG" (Old Sewing Machine Guy)...the kind that has a ton of parts and stuff in a dusty backroom...and you don't mind checking for me, I need needles that are either Singer/Simanco 127x1, or Boye18, or 9N1 (I don't know the brand on the last one)... let me know? I'd be happy to buy what I can of them! I did manage to find some from ONE guy on ebay...and am buying all he has, 18 of the Boye18's...Don't know how long they'll last tho. Please? and Thank you! :)

I should also note some things I've found out about my dearest Hannah. I've learned that she is a Singer 9W, and made in 1912, NOT in 1879 as the Singer website says she was according to her serial number. It seems that she was one of the machine designs made after Singer acquired the Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine company in 1905, patterned after W&W's "9". I thought I'd be disappointed to know that...I wasn't. I'm still so thrilled to have this machine...even if she's going to be a pain to find needles for! (Believe me, I'll be taking VERY good care of her needles, and sharpening them when I can!)

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  1. Hi there,
    an old sewing machine parts guy is using me to off load all his old stock, and he has 127x1 Singer needles, I've just repackaged a box of 100 size 18 needles into lots of 5 and 10 to list on eBay, but feel free to contact me if you still need some for your machine.
    Cyndy Kitt